About Jayride

Book airport shuttle buses, private transfers and more, online at fixed prices, with instant confirmation and a 100% refund guarantee.

At Jayride you can compare transport and book directly with hundreds of transport service operators across Ireland. When you book on Jayride you are booking directly with your transport service company. You get their name, their contact information, and can reach out and arrange details with them directly - all the benefits of going direct, plus Jayride's famous simple booking system, easy instant fixed prices, and 100% refund guarantee.

Jayride covers every airport, and 50,000+ local destinations around Ireland, day or night. We look forward to your booking with us soon!

Why Book With Us?

Reliable Transport

Find reliable transport, at the best price.

Compare Transport

Compare transport suppliers for the best reliability and  price.

Every Destination

Get to your destination, anywhere in Ireland.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Pay a low fixed price: No extra charges, guaranteed.

Book Instantly

Book your transport online with instant confirmation.

Refund Guarantee

100% refunds if you change your mind ahead of travel.

Day and Night

Door-­to-­door transfers, available when you need.

Secure Payment

Prepay securely online and leave your cash at home.

Our Company

Jayride is a team of business and technology people passionate about providing the best transport information and booking systems available anywhere.

It sounds strange... but we think the world would be a better place if people had easier access to better transport information. We think with more information, people could go places faster, easier, see and do more, all without cars, traffic, noise and pollution. We think better living starts with better mobility, and we're here to help make it happen.

Jayride is a global company with offices in Sydney, Australia and London, UK.

If you're a transport supplier, travel agent or partner affiliate, and you'd like to work with Jayride, contact us by clicking on a link in the "Work With Us" section below.

What People Say

"Fantastic service, friendly driver, on time. Very happy. Would recommend to my friends."

Natasha, Jayride customer

"The booking system was easy and straightforward. The service was excellent. They were on time, great price, and no hassles. Thanks heaps on a job well done!"

Freddy, Jayride customer

"Jayride has given us the boost that we had been looking for."

Alex, BarnaBUS (AU)

"Jayride provides great service and any problems that arise are promptly and professionally sorted."

Nicole, Apollo Connect Shuttles (NZ)

Media and Awards

Jayride's team and product are multi-award winning, trusted by over 40,000 travellers and hundreds of transport service operators across six countries around the world. Here is what we're most proud of:

Final 5 Company SeedStarsWorld Global - February 2014

Jayride won into the final 5 companies at the SeedStarsWorld Global business pitching contest in Geneva Switzerland.

Best Business Sydney SeedStarsWorld Sydney - November 2013

Jayride won the SeedStarsWorld Sydney business pitching contest, awarded the title for Best Startup Business in Sydney.

Geospatial for a Nicer World Position Magazine - August 2013

Jayride gets a feature article in the leading GIS magazine, Position: "At Jayride, we're insanely focussed on how better transport information for alternative transport can help improve the world we live in..."

Quiet Achiever Award Fishburners - December 2012

Jayride won the Fishburners "Quiet Achiever" award. Awarded to the company doing the most great work, with the least hype.

Social Capitalist Award ANTHILL Magazine - November 2011

Jayride won the ANTHILL Magazine "Social Capitalist" Cool Company award. Awarded to the most remarkable company breaking the rules to bring about positive change.